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1/2 Half Ounce Bags for Marijuana

Smell Proof Bags

1/2 Half Ounce Bags For Cannabis

The marijuana industry is exploding, and as a cannabis producer, you’re bound to be facing more and more competition. Your packaging is what sells the product inside. That means your design and labels need to tell potential customers that your weed is the best. Large companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their custom cannabis packaging designs. Here at C4M, we specialize in helping small and medium size cannabis manufacturers get the attention they deserve with cost effective and well packaged designs.

Our 1/2 half ounce mylar bags are great for showcasing your branding as well as providing the maximum protection from environmental factors such as moisture and oxygen. C4M can also help you meet all your local compliance standards including tamper proof and child proof packaging. Our packaging specialists are here to help you customize your bags, and we’ll make your product fly off the shelf!

What Are 1/2 Half Ounce Bags?

Half ounce mylar bags are any pouch that holds 28 grams of cannabis. C4M’s 1/2 half ounce bags for cannabis are made from food grade mylar – at type of polyester film called bioPET created by DuPont. Mylar has been used in the food industry for years because of it’s airtight properties and flexibility. It does a stellar job at protecting marijuana products from the two substances that degrade it the most…moisture and oxygen. When you package your weed products in airtight, smell-proof packaging, you’re making sure your cannabis stays fresh and potent for a long shelf life.

Are 1/2 Half Ounce Bags Child Resistant?

C4M always encourages child resistant packaging for our cannabis clients. Bags that are pre-sealed and filled from the bottom as well as tear-resistant packaging with locking zippers are just a couple of ways we can make 1/2 half ounce bags child resistant. C4M is highly committed to the safety of our children, and marijuana is often found in forms that kids find attractive. We know that your packaging should not only protect and market your weed, it also needs to keep children from getting access to it. Contact us today and find out how we can get you’re the best child resistant 1/2 half ounce bags in the industry!

Do I Have To Purchase
Custom Mylar Bags?

Absolutely not! We have many great mylar bags in stock and ready to ship that you can order right now. But what is putting you off creating your own packaging?

Custom packaging sounds pricey but it doesn’t have to be. We specialize in 1 oz mylar bags of all shapes and sizes. You can get unique, smell-proof, child-resistant packaging in any configuration you need. We can make bags in any color as long as you have a Pantone/PMS color in mind and print your logo or artwork directly onto your package for a professional look! Stock bags are useful if you’re running low on inventory. But at the end of the day, a custom bag will be tailor-made to your specifications and help you sell more product. Give us a call and our packaging specialists can help you decide whether stock or custom mylar bags make more sense for your application!

The Custom Bag Printed Process

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our expert care team is here to help you stand out from the crowd


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custom printed

Ready to start?

Custom Cannabis Bags to Meet Your State Laws

We are not lawyers, so please be sure to check the legal regulatory requirements for packaging in your state.

But, if you bring us those requirements, we can make a custom-designed package to meet your needs and ensure compliance with your local laws. Whether you need a 4 mil or 5 mil container, no tear notches, or special tamper-proof features, we’ll do all of that and more. We specialize in making marijuana packaging to meet your exact specifications.