As more and more states welcome recreational marijuana use, the regulations surrounding its growth, transfer, and commerce are being developed as well.

In the state of Oregon, public health officials and politicians have an interest in making sure marijuana is used in the safest way possible, and to keep it out of the hands of the under 21 crowd.

The state also wants to discourage folks from driving under the influence and to warn them that the effects of certain types of marijuana (particularly edibles) may not be felt for 2 or more hours. They also aim to direct buyers in the proper use, hence informing customers of the amounts of THC in each product, which products to eat (or not eat), etc.

To further these goals, Oregon has introduced a new symbol, pictured above, which will be required on ALL marijuana products being sold in Oregon, including plants, seeds, useable marijuana and cannabinoid products (such as edibles or products used on hair or skin).

This symbol must be at least .48 inches wide and .35 inches high, and will be required as of October 1st, 2016. It is trademarked and may only be used on licensees or registrants on marijuana product labels.

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